It is so exciting watching our inbox fill with letters, suggestions and submissions for Cahaba River Literary Journal. We appreciate all of our loyal readers, poets and writers who waited patiently for us as we made a comeback under new ownership. The previous publisher suddenly got sick with stage 4 cancer and was unable to publish either journal any longer, and just let it go. When we found out the rights were for sale we jumped on it because we knew that there is potential here – a potential for both poets and writers to find a home for their labors of love poems, stories and articles.


It is an exciting but scary time for me. I don’t know everything about being an editor and a publisher but through trial and error I am willing to learn. It is my heart’s desire to give it my best shot and do all that can to bring to you to the best of my ability, the best little literary journal on the market! I may not do as well as some but you can bet I will give it my best try.


There are some who can’t trust me because they can see through me, they say, and that this is a scam. Well, I am out to prove them wrong. My heart is in this as well as my livelihood and my financial resources are also tied up in this venture. It is scary knowing that if this fails, then I am out of a job and my hard earned money went down the drain with it. But you see, I believe in the Cahaba River Literary Journal, and I believe there is a great need here, and am willing to put my all into it. Because the previous publisher couldn’t keep up with the subscriptions was a mistake but I am honoring every past subscriber with a year’s subscription at no additional charge. If this was a scam, little chance I’d do that.


This is a labor of love for me and I am asking that all of you trust me. Help me become the editor/publisher I know, and you all know, that I can be. There will be mistakes on my part, no doubt. I need your encouragement, feedback and a little motivation from you all on a regular basis. If I goof up, feel free to let me know and I will do everything in my power to correct any mistake on my part.


June 1st will be here before you know it. We’ve already chose a design for Cahaba River Literary Journal and have almost a full magazine at this point. But there are a few spaces we need to fill so get those manuscripts to us as soon as you can – before our May 15th deadline.


I may not be as savvy as some of you would like me to be, editor-wise but I know that some of you are willing to offer kindness and support instead of critical insults that will make me feel less than good. There was one such lady today that told me in an email that she didn’t wish me success at all and that I should give this up, that I knew nothing about what I was doing. After reading her submission I do have my doubts as to why she would think her story was that grand in the first place. But it is not for me to judge others because they have anger issues. Sometimes, even kindness is not good enough for some people.


My warmest wishes to all of our loyal readers and fans – we hope that you’ll continue to be here for us and we will do all we can to be there for you. Stay safe and warm, and be blessed through all your endeavors.


Email your stories to Cahaba River Literary Journal.

Website: https://cahabariverliteraryjournal2018.wordpress.com/

Email: cahabariverlitjournal2018@gmail.com. Be sure to include contact information and a brief bio with your submissions. Welcome aboard..




Theresa Owens,





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